Friday, June 10, 2016


I'm really rather clueless when it comes to genres and sub genres. I don't have any idea where my books fall- I just write them and don't think too much about where they would be shelved in a bookstore or a library. I guess I figure that's someone else's job, but realize that it's just mental laziness on my part.

The other night I was poking around looking at literary agents and came across one who looks at urban fantasy. Kelly was sitting across from me and I asked her, "What in the world is urban fantasy?" and she replied, "It's what you write sometimes."

My Magical Life is urban fantasy. The Talon series can be classified as urban fantasy also.

Well...that's good to know. I am now classified by genre (after puzzling it all out):

I write contemporary romance- The Subtlety of Light & Shadow and the three books in the Sweet Hearts Collection- Love Me Knots, Auspicious Beginnings and Cupid's Darts.

I write contemporary literary fiction- Life Skills.

I write supernatural/suspense/romance- the three volumes of Miss Peculiar's Haunting Tales.

I write Action/Adventure with Sci-Fi elements- The Archetypes series.

And I write Holiday fiction- Yuletide Stories, Always Christmas in My Heart and Together for the Holidays.

Currently working on two new urban fantasy novels and one contemporary literary novel.

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