Friday, June 17, 2016

Shooting the Moon

The full moon will be on the 20th. After dinner tonight I went out on the deck to shoot some pictures of the bright, white, nearly full moon in the blue sky surrounded by fleecy white clouds. Kelly grabbed her camera which takes much better pictures than mine does and she got some amazing shots. As the sun began to set the clouds turned pink but the moon stayed white.

Later, Kelly went out after dark and took some additional pictures of the moon and the planet visible in close proximity to it. She tried to get a shot of the Big Dipper but the stars weren't bright enough to be captured by her camera.

On her camera as she was downloading the pictures she found some pictures of the moon that I had taken in January or February when the trees were bare. It was another full moon night, or near full moon. The twisted, gnarly branches of the oak formed a framework around the bright orb of the moon.

I'm known for my cloud pictures, and sometimes Kelly will grab her camera and run out to shoot storm clouds and other interesting cloud formations, but she prefers to shoot the moon while I look for pictures in the clouds. Tonight, after dinner, the clouds were fleecy. Over the roof there was this cloud that was human-like shaped. It appeared to be flying from left to right in semi-profile. There was a face visible, and it seemed to have two hands thrust forward as if pushing something. Along one back leg it had a wing-like appendage, like one would expect the god Mercury to have. It had curly hair and looked somewhat cherubic. I'll add that one to the keeper collection!

Meanwhile- she has a number of new moon shots for her collection.

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