Saturday, June 25, 2016

Three Birthday Cakes

Tomorrow is our daughter Kelly's twenty-fifth birthday. Her aunt and uncle texted that they wanted to stop by tonight so I ran out and bought an ice cream cake. I then baked her an angel food cake after dinner (she wasn't home until late from work and then volunteering at the trolley museum. At the museum they let her run the seldom run trolley #303 as a birthday surprise and had ice cream cake for her.) So, when she got home, her aunt and uncle were already here. She ate dinner but didn't want anymore ice cream cake. Her aunt had brought an Orange Crush cake. So now we had three cakes- and no one wanted any! It was almost nine o'clock by the time she was opening her presents, after 9:30 when I offered cake again- too late for everyone to eat sweets.

Now, the ice cream cake is in the freezer, the Orange Crush cake is in the refrigerator 9to be taken to work with her on Monday to share with her co-workers) and the angel cake still needs its butter cream icing because we had no butter in the fridge after her cookie baking last weekend.)

Three cakes for one birthday and no one touched any of them tonight!

There's something wrong in this house!!

(Today was supposed to be the day Kelly was born-although my due date was 7/7/91. I went into the hospital to be induced-my doctor was going south to attend his daughter's wedding during the first week of July- very early on the morning of June 25, 1991. It didn't happen. The OB/GYN was watching the Red Sox, a late west coast game that night, while I was suffering, and struggling to give birth. Turns out I never would have been able to give birth naturally. Kelly was finally born at 2:47AM June 26th. Two years later, on the west coast (San Jose, CA), my best friend gave birth to her first daughter, Katie on June 25th. If Katie had been born on the east coast she'd have shared a birthday with Kelly! Today, June 25th is Revere's adoption day- 5 years ago he chose us as his forever family. He enjoyed extra attention today, and got to burrow in the tissue paper tonight when Kelly was unwrapping gifts.)

Tomorrow we'll all have cake.

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