Sunday, June 26, 2016

What Does an Author's Daughter do on Her Birthday?

She goes book shopping!

Today was Kelly's 25th birthday. Last night she opened gifts with her Uncle Jeffrey whose birthday will be on the 29th. They used to have a joint birthday party when my parents were still alive but that tradition ended when he moved to Nevada. Now he's back so he was here last night with our sister Lynnmarie to celebrate Kelly's and his birthdays.

Kelly received a Barnes&Noble gift card, so of course by this afternoon it was burning a hole in her pocket. We had a few errands to run first, so headed downtown. After leaving the grocery store we saw that the new bookstore in town, Bookclub Bookstore & More, was open, so we pulled in up front and ran in to check it out (the grand opening was yesterday). While I chatted with Jessica about holding a meet & greet the author and book signing event Kelly roamed around and found a book on Worcester, MA history. This is the city where she went to college for four years. So she grabbed that. I found two books I wanted to read. Books in hand we continued on, picking up iced coffees and heading to Holyoke to B&N. She was looking for books in certain series that she's reading. She only managed to find one book, but she was undeterred. As soon as we got home she was online ordering the other books she'd been unable to find.

So, this author's daughter goes book shopping on her birthday!

I wrote Black King Takes White Queen for her. The proof copy should be here early this week.

Meanwhile, my muse has nudged my brain toward a new novel!

Yeah, it never ends in those grey cells upstairs!!

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