Sunday, June 12, 2016

Untitled Novel Written

Well, last night I finished writing this current novel- 276 type-written pages, 151,874 words in it's raw, rough draft form. I've been rereading what I've written as I've been going along, making notes, corrections, additions, and marking where to insert, change or delete things. This is going to be a massive project as this book is 21,000 words longer than Life Skills was but I managed to get that edited in just over a month. I need to stay focused.

I'm clueless about a title for this one. Kelly and I were discussing that while driving to the store this afternoon. She hasn't finished reading the rough draft yet. So, after she finishes reading it we'll sit down and kick around some ideas.

This is the second untitled novel I've finished this year...I don't think she's quite finished reading the first one yet either! (And I really need to get back to fine tuning that one!)

Now that I'm done there are three more novels vying for attention in my head wanting to get written...sometimes I think my muse is triplets!!

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