Friday, August 28, 2015


It occurred to me that one week is not a very long time to give people to think of a title for a book. Therefore, I am extending the CONTEST DEADLINE by 6 additional days. The Name My Christmas Story Collection will end at 6PM on Friday, September 4, 2015.

If your suggested title for the collection is chosen then you will win a free copy of the book ( a $14.99 retail value) bearing your title, plus you will be acknowledged as the winner of the Name the Book Contest inside the book on the dedication page.  I'll also sign the book to you.

Put on your thinking caps and come up with a creative title for this volume (if you don't win this contest, don't worry. I have two more Christmas story collections coming!)

Stories subjects in this first collection include:

the rollicking Riley family celebrates the holiday with their five children getting up to some Christmas Mischief

a young woman's prayer is answered on Christmas Eve

a little girl finds a silver sleigh bell in the street that she is certain was lost by one of Santa's reindeer

the congregation of a church who have lost their leader gather to celebrate Christmas Eve Mass in the village church

a widow and her young daughter are surprised by a stranger's kindness at Christmas

A man and a woman who have both suffered personal tragedies are untied by the placement of a window that has been salvaged from a burnt out cathedral in a newly constructed battered women's shelter

a young woman loses everything but still has the best Christmas ever

A department store CEO with no holiday spirit encounters one of his Customer Service reps who has an over abundance of holiday spirit- and he fires her!

A fish-out-of-water NYC director arrives in a coastal Maine town to direct their playhouse version of Dickens' A Christmas Carol when their longtime director is unable to participate due to health issues.


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