Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Warm August Night

It was a warm August night, the air still, the birds surprisingly silent as dusk settled into the deeper hues of late evening, before the absolute midnight blues and charcoals of night smudged the last remnants of a fiery sun's glow from the horizon to high up in the dome of the sky where a wan-faced moon gazed down upon the planet we call Earth.

Yup- that's me.

First of all, Happy Birthday to my husband, John.  He's the same age as me now- ha ha!

Enjoyed a fun-oh, my God, I can't believe I'm going to use this word in a sentence, but here it is- luncheon at Barbara's house at noon today.  This has been planned since May, so, nagging back pain and all, I went, and had a little fun for an hour and a half in the middle of an otherwise frustrating day.  I have had muscle spasms in my back before and it usually lets up after two-three days...not this time. I am sick of being uncomfortable!

Okay, got that off my chest. At lunch today the ladies who went to Manchester, NH to the National Button Convention related some interesting stories.  Turns out there was a Tattooing Convention going on in the same hotel- Tattoo Crowd, Button Collector Crowd. There's a good mix.  Betty and Julie also mentioned that there seemed to be a number of hookers working the hotel, parading back and forth out from on 4-inch stiletto heels, climbing into limousines and disappearing for a half hour to an hour, then being dropped off out front again, and climbing into the next car. Guess it was a busy time for all in Manchester, where the hotel was undergoing major renovations and rooms reeked of cigarette smoke from the work crew, and hot tar or carpet adhesive.  Glad I wasn't able to go.

Conversation drifted to eye openers seen on the beaches of CT (Rocky Neck), and how people obviously do not care whether or not they let it all hang out in public anymore.  As Darlene remarked, "Doesn't anyone look in the mirror anymore before they go out?"  Guess we're from the generation when Twiggy thin young girls wore bikinis, and shapely women did too.  Now, the dough people wear bikini's, some not even visible beneath the rolls which can bring a person up short on a beach NOT designated for nudists, until you see the thong strap struggling out of the crack of their butts from behind! Men and women are equal offenders. We did chuckle about the woman with the belly flap that hid the front of her bikini bottom from sight as it hung to her thighs, and from the back? She had a row of cute ruffles across her huge butt.  Cute- if you were five years old! Guess that's why we call 'em beach people around here. (Just a teensy bit less clothed than your typical Wal-Mart shopper.)

Has the inventor of spandex been executed yet?

Then talk turned to the naked neighbor and his fights with his wife, rug hooking- old school and modern takes on it- who's right, who's wrong? Guess rug hooking is a northern seacoast phenomenon, and many men hook rugs- and evidently have a flair for color and pattern that women lack! Who knew?

We talked about my books, but not much because I wasn't in a very talkative mood. Handed around a little pamphlet I'd done. Then we talked about Kelly in Portugal since she's a member of the button club and the ladies have known her since she was 12-years old.  I wished I had a chance to talk to Donna more.  Her son Ben is the graphic artist who designed the cover for Ghost Chasers: The Fairlawn Investigation for me. He did a fantastic job! She should be proud of him! He's not my son and I'm proud of him!

Miss Peculiar's Haunting Tales, Volume II in its recently revised for arrived this evening. I already found one dropped letter at the beginning of a sentence. I wonder if it's me, or does something just go screwy in the transfer of files, or the file-to-print process? I KNOW I went through those stories with a fine toothed comb. It's starting to drive the OCD perfectionist in me around the bend! I do like the pumpkin orange on the cover instead of the original goldenrod it had been. I believe Darlene and Bethany have those now rare proofs with the original color scheme- lucky them! I'll go back to looking the book over after I post this to the blog.

Happy Birthday, John (who keeps the fact that I write a deep, dark secret! So much for a proud husband heralding his wife's accomplishments- not happening here! But, after 31 years, I'm used to that...)! 

Go and enjoy this beautiful night! I'm going to go try an ice pack tonight since heat doesn't seem to have any effect on this back issue! (And Revere probably needs another cuddle- he is sooooo missing Kelly! When we went to the Homeless Cat Project to adopt a kitten the day before her birthday four years ago, after Isador went missing, he saw her come through the door and hurled himself at the cage front, climbing up, reaching his paw through the wire to try to touch her. It is true, sometimes the cat chooses the person. That little fella made sure she chose him above his siblings! Okay- after Diego died less than five months after we'd adopted Revere-John and I went back to the rescue shelter to look for a companion for Revere who was only about six months old at the time. I sweat to God we looked at every kitten and cat in the whole place before the woman there said, oh, we have one more and took us into a room where there was a small gray cat maybe four months old. She plucked him from the cage and put him in my arms. His name was Beans and he burrowed his head into the crook of my arm and purred. He's the one that went home with us that day- serious halitosis and all. Turns out he had juvenile gingival hyperplasia- his gums were literally swelling and absorbing his teeth. We were horrified. The vet at first said we'd have to take him to a special vet dentist and have all his teeth pulled out! Then the vet said they'd see what they could do first- his gums were lasered back, his teeth cleaned and a couple that were already too far gone pulled. He has, fortunately, outgrown the problem, so we're glad the vet here went the extra nine yards and did the laser procedure and we waited to see what would happen before having all his teeth pulled out, which seemed horribly drastic for such a little fella. He is happy and healthy, does not have reeking breath of death X three and a half years now, and sees his vet dentist regularly for cleanings.)

It is a night for tangents-Okay, sorry. I'm out of here! The ice pack summons me! I must obey.

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