Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My Personal Assistant

When I first started self publishing my books, nearly three whole months ago, my good friend Gail at work volunteered to be my personal assistant should I ever become famous and have to go to New York City for whatever reason- book signing deal, publicity appearance, etc. She said, "I'm your girl!" and I agreed that she was and Id be happy to have her with me. We laugh a lot. She loves my stories. I love her stories! I'm a writer, she's a verbal story teller. She gives me lots of ideas.

I'd also take my best friend, Darlene. She likes to travel. Mary has volunteered to be my driver. She's been to New York City before. I have never been there.

I've sold one copy of all eight books to one buyer. I am so used to just giving things to people that it was a totally foreign concept to me to accept payment for the books. Yes, I have to pay for them, but I sort of cringe about having people pay me for reading my stuff. I have a very mutant generosity gene. My mother had it too. I need treatment for that-some kind of gene alteration- before I'll ever feel comfortable about taking money from people in exchange for books. I must learn to wrap my head around this whole business and get comfortable with it.

Today, I posted the Christmas Story book naming contest on the kitchen bulletin board at work. I don't think the one week deadline was too popular, but I have three of these volumes to get prepped and printed before the holiday season is upon us (four months to Christmas today, as it was pointed out to me by Mary S. at work today) In the book world- Christmas books are supposed to be available as early as September. I have one about to go, two lengthy stories to edit and proofread for volume two then all of volume three to turn my attention to...I am behind schedule!

My personal assistant is on vacation next week- I will sorely miss her. We keep one another sane at work. Our jobs sometimes merge and we have to figure out which one of us has to do what...and we work at opposite sides of the huge main office. I have a path worn to her desk and she has worn a path to mine. Sometimes we use the phone, but that ties up the line. We need to see one another, face-to-face, because so much is accomplish with subtle facial expressions and certain gestures. We communicate in that silent language so well! That's why she's going to be my personal assistant- we read one another s easily as we read books!

So, Gail- if New York ever calls- be prepared to drop everything because you're going with me! I wouldn't dream of leaving you behind!

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