Sunday, August 30, 2015


In Volume Three of my Christmas Stories- still in desperate need of a suitable title- these are the stories you will find between the pages, in a nutshell:

-the rollicking Riley family is revisited as Chili prepares for her roll as an elf in the school Christmas pageant and now fifteen-year old Ruby experiences her first kiss

-A young woman poses as a psychic medium to scam a grieving man who has lost his daughter and whose wife is dying of ovarian cancer in this Christmas ghost story

-an unexpected delivery startles and complicates the life of a family whose teenaged daughter is preparing for their church's first Living Nativity event

-a young woman helping make wreaths during the holiday season witnesses brutal violence between a father and his middle son on a farm, a sad death, and is the victim of an assault, yet she finds love and the pathway to her future on Christmas Eve in this same place

-a struggling musician longs to be part of an Irish band but doesn't feel he has enough talent. His life is transformed when one of the band members stands up for him and wins him the coveted place in the band he longs to be a member of and he finds the love his heart longs for, as well

-a young boy, his ailing brother and his worried mother find respite from a cold Christmas in the cozy, home of a warm and generous elderly woman whose Christmas cakes are legendary in town

-Santa's son, who will be taking over as the one-and-only Santa from his father, pays a visit to Jack Frost's tailor shop to order his own custom red velvet suit, as all Santa Clauses have done throughout time, only to discover that Jack has gone missing and Jack's daughter is frantic with worry. Will he be able to solve the mystery of Jack's disappearance, win the heart of Jack's daughter and make her his Mrs. Claus, and have his red velvet suit finished, in time for his first Christmas Eve ride as Santa Claus as his father retires?

GOOD LUCK naming Volume Three! I can't wait to see what you come up with! DEADLINE for title submission is September 6, 2015 at 6PM EST! Winners will receive a copy of all three volumes (retail value of $14.99 each) which will be signed with acknowledgement inside the book as the title contest winner!

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