Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Oh Happy Night!

Have been trying not to think about Kelly flying home from Portugal today since I am so plane phobic.  Started receiving texts from her at 8:20PM from the tarmac at Logan- plane landed safely but they have about a 45 minute wait on the plane until a gate opens up for them. She said she's tired as her body thinks its 1AM, but she sounds happy to be back in Massachusetts. All she can tell me is she'll be home for dinner tomorrow night, and next year they plan on going to England!!

I accomplished only a little editing to Making the Right Choice this morning. 10 copies of the revised edition of My Magical Life arrived this afternoon, along with a neighbor's QVC parcel. I was on the fence what to do about the incorrectly delivered package. It has a tracking number on it, so if the neighbor went online to track her package it would look as if it had been delivered. I couldn't find a number to UPS to get their advice. So, I did what I would hope anyone else would do if they receive a misdirected package in their neighborhood, I walked four houses over and delivered it in person to make sure it got there safely. The woman was very thankful I took the time to do that. Of course, if I lived in an unfriendly neighborhood and would run the risk of being mugged, knifed or shot I'd have maybe done something different.

And, of course, if I was any kind of writer, I could write either a nice story or a scary story about delivering a package to an unknown neighbor still fairly new to the neighborhood. Can you hear the wheel turning in my head?

Talked to my friend who lost her mother on Sunday. We laughed a little and cried a little. I let her know all she has to do is pick up the phone and I will fly across town to be there with her for any reason. It's not like we live three states away from one another. She was wondering if the spirit lingers after death- I told her about the sign my Mom gave us about a month and a half after her passing when we had Dad over for Thanksgiving for the first time by himself. We'd all just seated ourselves around the table and had just started to pass the food around when there was a strange noise to my left, Dad's right (he was at the head of the table, I was to his right). I looked, and there on the floor was the little square red box from a Hallmark mini plate Making Cookies with Gramma that I had hung in Kelly's room. The little box was on the huntboard behind my chair, behind a tall stack of five decorative boxes.  We had been talking about Mom as we'd sat down. Dad had commented that John had done a good job cooking dinner, it smelled just like Mom's cooking. I looked at him. He looked at me. He didn't know what the box was nor where it had suddenly come from. I leaned over, picked it up and showed him what it was, then I showed him where it had been only moments prior to it landing on the floor about four or five feet away, after coming from around behind the boxes. I got goosebumps. I am convinced it was my mother giving us a sign that she was with us. There was just no other explanation for that box to have moved on its own like that, at that specific moment in time when we had just sat down to dinner- Mom had always had dinner at her house. She was letting us know she was with us at our house.

So, yes, I believe spirits linger awhile.  Another strange incident is the ringing of the bell that is hung high over the kitchen sink. It is a small decorative three sided bell painted with forget me knots. It hangs from a hook behind a piece of decorative molding. I was alone in the kitchen. The windows were not open. The ceiling fan was not on. The bell rang loudly one time, like someone had hit it with a little metal hammer. I immediately looked up at the bell. It was not even moving! Again, I got goosebumps. But, I'm sure it was Mom just trying to get my attention. She did!

My Mom, as I think I mentioned before, was descended from a long line of French  and French Canadian women with precognitive ability. I grew up believing in ghosts, and used to just knowing stuff. I knew from an early age that my mother would die in the year 2000. I think I was still in grade school when that popped into my head. It stuck with me for 30 plus years. My father was not prepared for her passing, but I had known the end was coming- it was October 2000. I was mentally prepared.  It didn't hurt any less to lose her though.

My father hasn't given me any signs since his passing though.

This is all rather morbid and somber stuff.  Back in June I put together a huge binder of stories I labeled Weddings and Funerals.  I guess I do tend to write a lot about funerals.  But the good news is, they aren't sad stories. And I write a lot more happy little romances than I do funeral stories.  Maybe I should put together a little volume of the best ones...but I have a lot of other projects lined up right now. It'll have to wait.

Well, this is what's happening in my little silken thread on the web of life. managed to iron two sets of scrubs while texting back and forth with Kelly while she waited to be able to leave the plane.
Think it's time to go find some fresh water as Beans likes to stick his head into whatever glass of water I am drinking and I am not fond of drinking cat backwash- whether I love that crazy little cat or not! (Oh, yeah- last night, Riley-Beans who does NOT play with toy mice suddenly began acting like a spaz all over the living room after John had gone to bed. What was he doing? He'd found a toy mouse in one of the cat toy boxes and he was flipping it and tossing it around like he was trying to entertain me! I was laughing like crazy- he was just too funny! I still don't know what possessed him to play with anything since he, in the four years we've had him, has never played with anything! It's just another of life's great mysteries!)

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