Thursday, August 27, 2015

It's 8PM and I'm Home

I absolutely hate days where I have to work all day, rush home, wolf down dinner, then immediately fly out the door to run errands. It's 8PM already and I feel like, though I've been on the go all day, I have accomplished nothing constructive.

I actually have been busy though, squeezing in editing and proofing time on volume 2 of the Christmas Stories. I am nearly finished with the last story for that volume, a novella titled The Winter Solstice Ball. I have maybe ten pages to go. The ex-fiancé has just shown up at the resort hotel to try to throw a monkey wrench into Seth and Lydia's newly blossoming romance. The local police help them out.

Then it'll be on to doing the clean-up of the seven stories that will be included in volume three. In all, each book will have approximately 80,000 or just over 300 pages.

Gave my last advance copy of Love Me Knots away today to a retired friend. I think it's found a good home. I have re-ordered stock to have on hand...due to arrive 09/09 as it's a mix of all 8 books that I've self-published so far. With the three Christmas volumes I'll have done 11 books since June 4. I think I can do a twelfth and then I need to get busy writing again (not that I have any shortage of stories for future volumes next year- but I need to take a breath and start getting these properly copyrighted. Have the forms I need and the mailers to send the two best copies that are required. It tales 13 or so months to get the official copyright from the Library of Congress.

Revere is lounging on the throw rug in front of the sink. There's a nice cool summer breeze wafting in through the kitchen screen door. It was a beautiful day.  I miss working nights even though I never got enough sleep working 11PM-7AM because by the time I got home and ate something then relaxed and unwound (from campus police work as the night shift supervisor which could be stressful, especially at bar closing time), got to bed and finally fell asleep then my first shift, I go in early so I can get out early, husband would come banging into the apartment making all sorts of noise, waking me up, wanting to eat dinner at five o'clock so he could sit down and relax and watch sports before going to bed! I was constantly exhausted, but I loved working at night. John just never got it into his head that he was waking me up in the middle of my sleep time- so, after Kelly was born, I became a stay at home Mom for awhile, readjusted to the normal Circadian rhythm- but, if truth be told, I am still a night owl and seldom fall into bed until midnight despite having to get up at 6AM. And my best sleep is between 7AM and 9AM (I know this from being able to sleep in on weekends and Wednesday mornings.  I miss walking up in the athletic fields under the stars and planets and the moon in all its phases, the screeching of the pheasants (very similar to peacocks), the occasional glimpse of a fox.

Time to move on and finish up that last story before my self-imposed midnight bedtime. Another work day tomorrow...

Buck- you still can make me smile!

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