Friday, August 21, 2015

The Write Time

After dinner is writing time for Kelly and me. We set our laptops up back to back, sit facing one another across the table and then it is the battle of the keyboards and flying fingers. We occasionally pause to read something we've written aloud. And we laugh! We share ideas, brainstorm, come up with character names and devise aspects of their personalities. Sometimes she writes while I'm editing and proofreading. Sometimes she's moved one of my stories over to her laptop and she's hacking away at it, making it better.

It is just amazing to me that my daughter grew up to share my love of writing- and she has her own unique voice in print.

I had a text from my brother just after dinner tonight. He'd just finished reading The Archetypes-First Generation.  The good news is that he liked the book! The even better news is that he found himself in the story, or at least his childhood nickname- Tiger!  I try to insert one or two real elements from my actual life in each story or book that I write. When Jeffrey was a kid Dad often called him Tiger, so when Beans and Amanda have a son, they name him Tiger! He was touched that I'd named a character for him. The even more better news is that now he's going to go on and read My Magical Life! I don't suppose anyone would continue on reading anyone's books if they didn't like them. he's not the sort who would just read a book to suck u to me- he's my kid brother after all, and he's never had any qualms about bluntly telling me exactly how he feels.

The first copies of Love Me Knots arrived via UPS during the rainstorm today, safety wrapped in a big plastic bag and left on the front doorstep. Luckily, John worked from home today and brought the box right in. This book has five of my all time favorite little romance stories- something my friends unanimously tell me that I write really well. I really fit between genres and not in any true genre- I blur the lines, write outside the lines- whatever you want to call it.

Anyway- this book is a hefty 324 pages.  I think Volume I of Christmas Stories is going to come in around 318 pages.

On Monday, I will gift family friend Dottie with Love Me Knots- a surprise for her. She's been a follower of my holiday stories for a few years now. Gail and Darlene will get copies, and maybe Brenda, too.  I did a quick inventory and need to restock my box of books.

I'm trying to work with Kelly to develop a page to attach here, maybe, so I can sell my books myself at a discount with payment through PayPal by bank transfer or credit card for people who don't shop  It's in the works. Meanwhile, Kelly added Love Me Knots to the books page on the blog.

This is not getting stuff done...time to move on and accomplish something a bit more constructive.

Thanks, Jeff, for being a good little brother and taking the time to read what your sister has been laboring away at for years...and years...and, well, you get the idea.

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