Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Day Off

I need to vent.

I now have Wednesdays off from work. I like having this day off mid-week. It allows me to sleep in and get the rest my body needs, to catch up on housework in peace, and to do things that I want to do but can't accomplish while working, or during the evening when the house is noisy (because if I do anything that makes noise, like run the vacuum cleaner, or hold a conversation then the volume on the TV is raised in response) and everyone is needing something, felines included. So- what does my husband do today? He decides to work from home. 

I am beyond annoyed.

I do not have access to the main computer where I wanted to  move some files to my flash drive and put them on the notebook so I could work on them. Can't do that because he's made a project out of updating my little Dell notebook- my tried and true trouper, and he's using the main computer to work from home. He's basically in my way on the one solitary day a week that I might have 8 blessedly peaceful hours all to myself.


I feel better now.

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