Monday, August 10, 2015

Golden Heat 2015 Report Card

Earlier this year I submitted the as yet unpublished The Subtlety of Light and Shadow into the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart contest for new writers of romance fiction.  I did not win, but did not expect to. Today, my report card arrived via email- which is a tool I used to see how other romance writers view my work, since they are the judges of this event.  The judges remain anonymous.  Here is how the judges rated ted my novel:

Judge #1 gave me an 8.90 out of 10 (nice) and agreed that the love story was the focus of the book, and the resolution was satisfying and optimistic  I rate Judge #1 my #2 judge

Judge#2 gave me a 7.20 out of 10, not too bad.  This judge was the only one who did not like the happy ending-boo hiss! Would love to read one of her books and see what she thinks is an optimistic and emotionally satisfying ending!!

Judge #3 awarded me a solid 10 of 10- God bless her romantic heart and soul! I LOVE judge #3, whoever she was and would read all her books even though I am not a huge fan of romance novels!

Judge #4 awarded me 5 out of 10- but liked the romance and the ending- go figure. Stingy with points, I guess. But kind enough to like the romance part- don't know where the other five points got lost in translation though. Maybe she didn;t dig deeper enough in her pocket or dropped them on the floor?

Judge $5 gave me a 6.3 of 10. That's certainly an odd number, but she also gave me two yeses.

My final score reads like super Pi at 7.466666667 and I am happy enough with that considering I evidently don't write the sort of romances they write.  Still, I would buy Judge #3 dinner and give her a copy of The Subtlety of Light and Shadow, signed, with a sheaf of reviews written by those who have read it and loved it.

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