Saturday, August 15, 2015


Well, the main computer is on the fritz again.  Went to Staples with John to look at laptops, etc. because I needed his advice since i don't know anything about this stuff-but of course he is the man who cannot make a purchase without researching something to death, and checking to see if he can get it cheaper through work (it was the identical price, plus this is sales tax free weekend)- so here I sit tonight without a new laptop or anything that can get me reliable internet service when the main computer is down (which it is, again).. I am so angry and frustrated tonight that this thunderstorm seems to be a manifestation of the storm of emotion inside of me because I like with someone who totally does not understand me, and makes no effort to.  I'm not in a good mood, tonight. I apologize for venting.

We did make it to Huntington to a tag sale that advertised axes! Holy moly! He certainly did have a big collection of axes for sale. I happen to like axes, but again, i was with Mr. I Don't Collect Anything So Why Should You? I did pick up a small silver teapot and a strange silver-plated cup with some sort of odd holder built onto the rim- possible a shaving mug with a place to rest the brush handle, or a tea cup with a spoon rest or tea infuser holder? I have no clue, but it had a grape pattern on it that I liked, and I collect funky silver things. I was allowed to purchase them, but not the adorable little axe. Maybe he was just afraid I would whack him with it since it was around this time in August years and years ago when Lizzie Borden allegedly gave her father and stepmother the axe whacks.

Can you tell yet that hubby is in the dog house, far in the back corner because I don't even want to see him nor hear him at the moment.

He did, and I'll give him credit here, manage to get the main computer to boot up after an hour this afternoon, giving me just enough time before dinner to load the original version of Flintlock and Scalpel into Love Me Knots and then do a final quick scroll through the entire 324 page volume of five love stories looking for any and all issues.  I corrected a number of them and am satisfied that there are, at present, no huge glaring screw-ups in this volume.  I have honed my proofreading and editing skills over the past two months and ten days.  The interior copy is in review at the moment. If all goes well, I can order a proof copy tomorrow, if I manage to get internet access somehow. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will post tonight.  Of course, the entire family was pacing in the den while I was waiting for the book to upload at CreateSpace because dinner was ready. That was the the frustration frosting on my irritation cake day.  I do NOT like people breathing down my neck when I am working! I hate feeling RUSHED to do something that was planned for today but could not happen on schedule because of that (oh, and here I will bite my tongue and not say what I really want to say) damn computer that made the month of July a nightmare for me.

I am soooooo not a happy camper tonight.  I need a writer's retreat baaaad.

There is no cheerful note to end this vent session on- the thunderstorms are still raging outside. I am still raging inside.

But as Scarlett O'Hara optimistically proclaimed, "After all, tomorrow is another day!"

It had better be a good one!

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