Sunday, August 16, 2015


I noticed that the Staples Rewards were missing from my dresser this morning. When John got home from his parents and errands, he had a brand new HP laptop for me with him. Hallelujah- I didn't have to commit murder on a Sunday!

It was a busy day- got up and went to Dunkin Donuts on N. Elm Street with Kelly. We hadn't been since before her trip to Portugal. Saw a number of the vintage cars that were headed to the Whiskers and Wheels Car Show up at the fairgrounds. It used to be held across the street on the Mestek lawn but was moved to the fairground this year. We planned on going, but it was still too early, so we ate then ran home. Read the Sunday paper, loaded up 6 cases of cat food to donate to the Homeless Cat Project then ran up to the fairground to admire all the hot rods, street rods, rat rods muscle cars,  and classic cars and trucks. Took a lot of pictures but couldn't stay for long as I am heat intolerant.

Home, ate lunch then ran downtown to pick up my sister so we could go to our friend Jane's mother's funeral service. It was nice, brief. Sad. I still, fifteen years after losing my own mother, do not handle anyone's mother's death well.

Swung by Staples to pick up a Swiss Army case for my new laptop. My little Dell notebook, my tried and true little trouper, has the mini size case.

Came home to find that John and Kelly had gone to East Windsor, CT for day 2 of the 75th Anniversary weekend of the Connecticut Trolley Museum. This is the museum were Kelly volunteers nearly every Saturday in the restoration barn, repairing the vintage and antique trolley cars, keeping the working stock running.  There were antique autos from the era she loves (20's & 30's), airplanes, and lots of rolling stock. She and her father toured places she hasn't even seen before. They both came home hot and thirsty.

I spent the afternoon re-reading some earlier stories on the netbook.  John started getting the new laptop ready for me before dinner. It had a lot of stuff pre-loaded that I just don't need. This is primarily for writing, and quick on and off the internets t look up information and to post my blog. I don't need a lot of junk on it. I finally got to use it for the first time this evening. It will do.

Cats acting crazy tonight. Revere has decided he's a lap cat. Riley-Beans loves the linen closet. He's a strange little dude, but we love him.

I find it curious how a two day weekend flies by. I feel like I accomplished nothing, but I did manage to approve the proof of Love Me Knots this afternoon and get 10 copies ordered to share with friends and family. So, I did do something, but not nearly everything that I had hoped to do.

A five day work week creeps by. Will be interesting to see what this week holds in store.

Feeling tired...will do something unprecedented tonight and go to bed on time!

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