Monday, April 11, 2016

A Tiny Dream

I was talking about this on my goodreads blog the other day.

I have a tiny dream.

My husband watches the TV program Tiny House. I get a kick out of whole families wanting a tiny house (how unrealistic is that? My family would be a pack of snarling dogs crammed into too small a space!)

My dream is to have a tiny house for writing in my backyard. It would be in the Carpenter's Gothic style with a tiny front porch, screened in so Revere and Beans could come and hang out with me while I write at my tiny desk in front of a window that looks out over the woods and the brook in the ravine beyond the path. It would have to be wired but not necessarily plumbed. It would have a loft with a place to rest and reflect. And all the walls would be lined with floor to ceiling bookcases for reference books and some of my favorite novels. I might add a fold down desk for when Kelly comes to visit and we write together.

This is one writer's tiny dream.

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