Sunday, April 24, 2016

New Vampire Novel in Process

I've been working on a new vampire novel for a couple of months now. This one has a unique angle so I am being very careful about discussing it right now. It's mostly written, but now I'm going back and filling in sections and doing some editing while looking for continuity issues since I always write out of my head and never write an outline-so I need to make sure the story flows right. The lead character is a young woman who lost her lower left leg in a biking accident when she was twenty-years old. It's about 3 years later and she now works as a cosmetologist for a late-night television talk show hostess known for her confrontational and provoking manner. That's about all I can reveal right now. The story is based on a short story that appears in Miss Peculiar's Haunting Tales, Volume III. While the characters names and basic personalities remain the same, the novel is somewhat different and much more developed than the short story. The short story is stand alone and should not be considered a part of this novel.  I sometimes will take a short story I've written and make a novel from it so I just need to clarify that the short story is just that, a short story and not an excerpt from this forthcoming novel.

My feline writing companion has pulled my fleece jacket and good sweater off the back of the dining room chair and made himself a cozy nest in a sunbeam on the dining room floor this morning. He's miffed that we don't have the door open for fresh air, but the tree pollen is bad out there right now, and some of the neighbors' yards are abloom with dandelions.. My eyes were itching like mad last night (bought some new drops this morning), and Kelly's nose is running like crazy, even with her allergy med. Yet, I wouldn't trade living in the woods for anything despite how miserable we are in the spring when the tree pollen is horrendous like this.

I'm still preparing for the Articulture Westfield event next Saturday- making sure I have everything I need for the day...looking forward to that. Looks like weather will ne nice- mid-60's with sun. Should be a nice day to explore Westfield's artistic, literary, music and dance culture.

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