Saturday, April 9, 2016

Found in a Notebook

I evidently write poetry late at night- found this in the pages of a small binder with book notes last night:

The silver stars shine
   in the dark pools of your eyes;
I see a gilded moon
   suspended from a lock of your hair-
The lambent light casts
    half your face in shadow,
Bathes the other half in pale moon glow-

You are a being
   from a distant world
Who has come only to kiss me;
   and I surrender to the alien sensation
of cool lips against mine.

This kiss is like a cold drink
   washing down a desert throat;
I am at the oasis-
   oddly shivering,
   oddly scorched.

This may have been written to go with a story I was writing at the time, but I can't think which one. Possibly Cooper's Moon which I don't think I've published yet because I'm incorporating the short story into a novel- one of the four novels I'm currently working on.

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