Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Sounds of Spring

It's 7AM Tuesday morning. I'm sitting at the kitchen table checking my email. There's a conference call scheduled for 7:30PM this evening- the first time the club Officers and Board of Directors is attempting this. Kelly has just left for work. My husband is awake and already stressing about not being able to find a new job.

Outside the open kitchen door (even though it's only 51 degrees out I'm allowing Revere a breath of fresh air) I hear rain- a slow but steady spring rain. The blue jays are screaming and calling to one in the woods just behind us. Smaller birds are chirping in the arbor vitae hedges to the left and right of our property. Rain is gurgling in the downspout. Listening carefully through the rain I can just discern the rush of water in the brook down in the ravine behind us. It's running faster due to the rain- even though it was a fairly dry winter we have had some rain, heavy at times so there is plenty of water in it.

I like listening to the rain...although it kind of makes me wish I could crawl back into bed and sleep for another few hours.

Leaving for work in half an hour...time for a cup of tea before I go.

Happy Spring!

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