Sunday, April 17, 2016

Articulture Event

On April 30th, from 10AM-10PM, there is a first of its kind in Westfield event called Articulture taking place at the Westfield Women's Club. There will be local musicians and bands playing on the main level stage all day. Downstairs in the function room there will be local artists and local authors showing their art, selling their books and perhaps doing readings from books.

I'm excited to be one of the local authors who will be at this event. This will be my first official public appearance as an author. My friends, family and circle of acquaintances have been aware of what I have been doing in the world of self publishing, but the local newspaper declined to publish my publicity release last fall and told me I should pay for an advertisement instead. Needless to say, I got annoyed by that response and decided to wait until I was more prepared to deal with things like that. So, I was excited to see a group form specifically for local talent.

I attended a meeting to express my interest in being involved in this group, and knew some of the people there- my dentist and his wife, with whom I ran a number of book fairs with when Kelly and their kids were in elementary school, and their son Tony who is a musician.

I'm excited to be a part of this event and am doing all I can to help promote it. It is a family friendly all day into the night event with things for kids to do outdoors also to explore art and music, and maybe writing. I'm choosing which books to take- most likely Halloween Story (young reader), Medea (young adult novel), My Magical Life, The Archetypes-First Generation and Miss Peculiar's Haunting Tales, Volume I. I may bring a few of each of the others as well, but will be primarily promoting these books as there are sequels to The Archetypes and additional volumes in the Miss Peculiar series, and a sequel planned for My Magical Life.

The third book in the Talon series is in the proofing stage. Kelly just finished her editing of the fourth book in that series. Now I need to make all the fixes and then give it one last going over before creating the book.

I'm gathering up the things I'll need for the 30th and hoping that the event is going to draw a lot of people. (I even talked my sister and brother into volunteering since they live a block away and my sister has been involved in the Women's Club for many years.)

Looking forward to this first appearance as an author in public and getting my books before a local audience of readers.

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