Friday, April 22, 2016

Chaos Reins Supreme

I always thought I lived a quiet life. I am a very laid back, easy going person. I used to be able to handle any sort of crisis without batting an eyelash. Life was a breeze..

So what happened? Everything lately is a major crisis! I can't be more specific than that because real live people whose identities cannot be revealed are involved...but let's just say, they are close to me. I am suddenly related to the goofball, the fruitcake, the hysteric, the grouch, the self-pitier and the oblivious one.

I ought to write a book about this stuff that's going on around here, but it's probably too fantastical and people would think it was pure fiction, not the new reality in my life.

I guess this is the new life on the edge of chaos and catastrophe. I'd better get used to it.


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