Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Talon Series Books 3 & 4

I've been busy writing the past week or so. I have more or less finished Book 3 in the Talon series which was supposed to be the third in the TRILOGY...except while poking around in a file box I found a binder with a fourth Talon novel half finished, so spent Sunday afternoon through this morning finishing writing that fourth novel.

Therefore- while waiting to go to work I had to go and make an adjustment to the covers of the first and second books in the series (Talon: An Intimate Familiarity and Talon: A Sense of Familiarity) because on the covers of those books it reads in the subtitle first and second books in the Talon trilogy and that's no longer the case. They are the first and second books in the Talon Series. It was a quick fix on the CreateSpace website. I zipped in, fixed the covers and resubmitted the files. Now that I'm thinking about it I should probably go back and add the subtitles to the title pages in the books also.

Books 3 & 4 in the Talon series will be undergoing their final editing/proofing review process and then should be available in May.  Book 4 is set twenty-two years after book 3, but I can't say anymore about it right now.

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