Friday, April 8, 2016


We've had a rather mild winter here in western Massachusetts so all the spring bulbs poked their green noses above the earth earlier than normal and proceeded to bask and flourish in the balmy spring-like temperatures that we had throughout most of March. Our daffodils alongside the back walkway bloomed, and looked so cheerful- so bright yellow that they hurt one's eyes!

And then we had about 3 inches of heavy snow this past Sunday and Monday. My daffodils were bowed beneath their snowy mantle. When the snow melted on Wednesday I was sad to see them all lying face down in the bark mulch, still pretty but looking so woeful and defeated by that little blast of winter in April.

Today, as I was leaving for work, I was cheered to see that the majority of the daffodils had managed to straighten their bowed stems. Once again their adorable ruffled faces were turned toward the sun that had just risen over the top of the mountain behind us to the east. Only two flowers were still half bowed. I'm hoping that they will find the strength to stand upright once again- maybe tomorrow.

It brightened my day to see my flowers standing tall again.

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