Monday, April 11, 2016

Talon: The Familiarity of it All (Book 3)

Kelly did a final read through and edit of Book 3 in the Talon series this weekend. It always makes me nervous when she applies her critical eye to one of my novels, however, there were some moments that will remain with me from this- such as coming into the kitchen to sit down opposite her to work on another project and finding her in tears as she read a certain section. Later, she was laughing, and once when she had moved into the living room and was reading there I walked through and saw her smiling- no, grinning! I know a story is working if I'm able to draw those kinds of emotions from a reader, even if it's her. She is very analytical and black & white sometimes, like her father, but she has also inherited a creative side from me and I'm able to reach that side of her through my writing. When I get a high five at the end of a read through I know the novel works.

Book Three is set two months after book two- Dr. Giles Talon (ME & grim reaper) and Bryce Briscoe (nightshift Morgue clerk and his portal) are rapidly approaching their Valentine's Day wedding when chaos breaks out as her family is attacked and they are attacked by demons and other beasts from the realms beyond. Bryce once again rocks the heavens with her unorthodox improvisations because she is still new at what she does and the High Council continues to debate her merit in emergency meetings. Their wedding finally happens but there's a shock as they leave the reception to begin the honeymoon and once again Bryce is challenged to find a way to remedy a very bad situation as quickly as possible.

Book three includes the bonus holiday story, set five years into the future when Dr. Talon and Bryce's son Cayle is five years old. This is the year Talon gives his portal her heart's desire.

And now off to finish up a final edit of Book 4 (the partial novel I found in the dining room not too long ago!) But first a huge thank you to Kelly for all she does for me! You're the best!

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