Monday, September 14, 2015

A Strange Nightmare

I occasionally have a nightmare, but this one was rather peculiar. I couldn't sleep last night, couldn't get comfortable, so I went to the smaller bedroom with the firmer bed. I fell asleep.

I dreamt that I was asleep in the smaller bedroom and woke up with the sense of there being a presence in the room. I said, "If someone is in here with me, close the door."  The door slowly closed. It spooked me. I got up and opened the door and walked out into a room (that in reality should have been the intersection of two short hallways). On the floor of this empty room was a red plush teddy bear, about twenty-inches in length. Its red fur was mottled with black leopard spots. It was lying face up on the carpet, it's head toward my left. I turned right and went into the larger bedroom where my husband was asleep. I sat down on the edge of the bed, then, sensing something wasn't right, I stood up again and walked to the doorway, looking into the empty room. There were now three plush bears in the room. The original red bear was closer to the door now, face down on the floor as if it had stood up, taken a few steps toward the doorway then fallen on its face. There was a medium blue teddy bear face up to the floor to my left, feet closest to me, very close to the doorway. The red bear was face down in the middle but a little further back. There was a beige teddy bear lying on it's side to the right, also close to the open doorway. I called to my husband because I was feeling apprehensive about the bears. He came and scooped them up and we went to the smaller room. Inside, he veered right to toss the bears onto the bed. I walked straight ahead and felt something come out from beneath the bed and hit my bare foot- not hard. It felt soft, fluffy but firm. Then on the far side of the bed this goldish colored mohair plush rabbit sitting up on its haunches appears. It does not have ears, but it's talking to me, tough. It's scaring me. Then I look at it and think it has a face like a rat, but it's a rabbit. Then I suddenly have my Westfield baseball cap in my hand and I put it on the rabbit's head to cover its lack of ears and tell it to be quiet. The feeling of the dream is surreal, apprehensive and sort of uneasy disbelief that these plush animals are threatening me. I

I woke up feeling spooked, apprehensive. I would have freaked out if the bedroom door had moved even a fraction of an inch. It took awhile to convince myself to just go back to sleep.

Note: There were no plush animals in the room. There was a plush, mohair tiger in the larger bedroom, but that is the only plush animal here. There was no tiger in the dream. Only the three bears and the gold rabbit without ears.

Weird, or what?

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