Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I Am Still Screaming in My Head

Today, on the way to Ellsworth, ME, there suddenly loomed up through the trees and other pretty scenery, this massive structure looking like giant sewing needles with steel threads. Holy moly- I automatically said, "No way!" But the sinuous treacherous Route 1 led us directly around several curves to this nightmare of a bridge above a huge drop off with an inlet far below, I was screaming in my head as John drove across the one lane in either direction with nothing but steel cables between and oh, some inconsequential railings on the other side. I do not like tall bridges. I do not like heights. I occupied myself shooting pictures with Kelly's camera to capture this nightmare to show her when we got home. I realized I could have sent her a picture on my cellphone to share the not so joyous adventure. Not to worry...we had to cross the same damn bridge in the opposite direction to head back to the condo in Wells...I shot a number of pictures and sent one in a message to her. She nonchalantly said, "You must have survived if you sent me the picture, stop being a baby!"

Thank God there were plenty of Victorian era houses to soothe my inner baby, but I will probably have nightmares about that bridge, although it was one of the coolest bridges I have ever seen. I'd have liked it better if I hadn't had to travel across it, not once, but twice.

On the way back down 95 just past the Kennebunkport service area, the second underpass goes under Cat Mousam Rd. How cool is that? Tried to get a picture several times already but keep missing.

To Portsmouth NH & Newington tomorrow, then Hampton Beach- a favorite place to visit. Lots of memories of summering there with my family.

Meanwhile, Kelly was home entertaining her two "aunts" for dinner. They each went home with copies of all three of my collected Christmas stories. The proof of Miss Peculiar's Haunting Tales Volume III arrived today. Have already fixed the funky spacing in Dark Magic. Need to check everything else in the book then submit final files for review and that will be done.

Meanwhile- have an idea for the second haunted tale for this year. You never know who your friends and acquaintances really are, do you? This one was inspired by a former co-worker and will be titled, We're Friends, Right?

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