Friday, September 18, 2015


In life there are trade-offs on a daily basis. I wanted to do X, Y and Z today. I accomplish X and part of Y but Z was a bust. I did not see the stone cottage where my family vacation every summer for a number of years in the mid-70's to early 80's. I like seeing it when I'm up here in this area. I did get lunch before 2PM today before I was crabby with low blood sugar, and it was nice. My husband and I discussed a change in diet as we both need to lose weight. I thought he would be resistant to a protein diet, cutting out wheat products, but he was open to the idea and we discussed various menus. So, I lost out on something meaningful to me and gained something else probably more meaningful to me- better health.

Tonight we tried a third time to get into the Steak Loft for dinner. The first night there was absolutely no parking. The second night we got a parking space, waited in a long line and left when we learned they were seating large parties only, couples had an hour wait in the bar or longer. I don't drink, I don't hang out in bars even sipping soda because I'm also diabetic. I need to eat on a regular schedule because I need to take my medication on time. So we left. Tonight- there was plenty of parking, the line was long but manageable. The couple in front of us turned out to be from Holyoke- the woman graduated from Westfield High in my class, her husband was from Easthampton where I grew up. We jokingly said we'd get a table for four if it meant we could get in and eat in a timely manner. Fortunately for us they were seating couples tonight, so we got in and had dinner finally! Third try was the winner.

There have been a number of disappointments on this vacation but there have also been small and satisfying victories that helped balance out the disappointments so they weren't so bitter...more bittersweet.

Therefore, in every life there are disappointments tempered by quiet joys and happy moments. It's finding the balance between the two that makes ones day. I guess, overall-this vacation hasn't been so bad despite the antiques shops being pretty well picked over- we did find a few treasures for Kelly and one for me. In the used and new bookstores I found books I wanted or looked interesting. I did see the ocean even though I can no longer walk on the sand with the arthritis in my feet. I saw parts of ME and NH I have never seen before. We got lost, we found our way back.

In the end...we are more relaxed than we were when we got here, have a day and half more before we head home. Life is generally good.

No disappointment there.

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