Thursday, September 3, 2015

Copyright Application Marathon

After dinner and a walk this evening, I sat down and began a marathon filling out of copyright applications for six of the books I've self published.  It's time to protect my work so I needed to get this done. So, with a stack of Form TXes in hand, and a tower of two best copies of each book, tissue paper, mailer bags and checkbook at hand, I began filling out the forms one after the other, writing checks, packaging the books to protect them in tissue paper, and filling the mailer bags one after the other. Tomorrow I'll be mailing then to the Registrar of Copyrights. While I was doing this Kelly was asking questions, like where do the books you submit with your application go? She Googled that and found out they go to the Library of Congress. That makes sense. She looked at me from across the table with amazement that her mother's books will be in "the biggest freakin' library in the country!" I had to smile- I think it's finally hitting home with her that her mother is an author, not just Mom who writes stories all the time.

Takes 8-13 months to receive the certificate for each book an application is submitted for. At least I got the ball rolling on six of the books. There will soon be 5-6 more applications following. Spent enough for one sitting tonight. The rest can wait until the end of the month (well, one is still in the works so doesn't quite count yet!)

Hot and humid still-air was heavy and sky stuffed full of hazy gray-blue clouds during our walk. Wishing for rain. Grass is dry.

Looking forward to labor Day Weekend!

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