Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day labor of Love

I have spent the past two days editing and proofreading volume 2 in The Archetypes series.  Beans and Amanda remain two of my favorite characters, and since this novel was already written and had all the handwritten corrections and notes on a print manuscript, I thought I'd put it into book form and eliminate one more binder from the massive amount of binders cluttering the dining room by making it my next self-published novel. Then, at the end, I added a bonus short story- Rex Family Christmas. A reader would have to be familiar with the Rex family to understand this short story, so that's why it wasn't included in the three volumes of Christmas stories. It is better suited as a bonus feature at the end of this novel because it is set on Christmas Day of the year that Beans rejoins his family after eliminating Amanda's evil megalomaniac father once and for all and recovering from his own injuries from that ordeal. The short story shows the entire Rex clan more relaxed, without the threat of danger shadowing them- they are, for the moment, at peace with the world as they celebrate Christmas as one united family.

I am not sure if there will be a third volume. I started it, but I might just scrap it. The Rexes have found a calm place in their lives. Mad scientist Pennington is gone. The Renfield family has been decimated by the rogue genome that Amanda worked so hard to develop a vaccine against to protect the Rex family from self destruction. Maybe it's time to let them get on with their lives, searching the world over for ancient and medieval bladed weapons to add to the already impressive collection at the Rex Museum of Arms and Armament, and their own private collections. Although, somewhere down the road, the Rex second generation- Pierce, Tiger, Barthelemy, Raven, Chance and Royce- may want to tell their stories, because as Beans points out at the end of volume 2- these children are anything but normal.

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