Friday, September 4, 2015

Six on their way to DC

Six copyright applications with corresponding two best copies are n their way to the Library of Congress Copyright Office tonight. I have five more to go but after working for a couple hours to get the six packages ready to mail, then going to bed and lying there reviewing it all in my head- and with horror realizing that I had messed up my professional email address, meaning I had to open all the packages, print six new second pages and complete them with the correct email address this morning...I am taking a breather and will finished the applications for the remaining books at the end of this month (especially since I don't have the three Christmas books in hand yet and will need them to do this.)

I am beginning to appreciate the work of a publisher if they handle all this paperwork and stuff for an author! But it was fun and a learning experience doing this for myself. And it should go a lot more smoothly for the next round of books I'll be applying for copyrights for!

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