Friday, September 4, 2015

The Fastest Sunset in the West

Kelly and I left to run some errands a little after 7PM this evening. As we rounded the corner onto the street leading down the mountain- with the awesome western view of a mountain range- there was the sun, like a giant maraschino cherry, perched upon the mountaintops. I stopped at the side of the road and grabbed my bag because the only camera I had on me was my stupid cellphone camera that balks at taking pictures. I pulled it out anyway- and as I sat there aiming at the view, trying to get the  thing to take a picture, the sun literally slid down behind the mountains in less than two minutes and vanished. I have never seen a sunset like this before- it was so beautiful and over so quickly, just a rosy pink glow left silhouetting the mountain peaks. I have ZERO pictures, but it will always be vivid in my memory. (It was kind of eye opening to realize that the earth is moving faster than I thought it was!)

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