Wednesday, September 2, 2015

R&R Day

I didn't do much today except get my accounting up to date, change cat litter boxes, run some errands, bought five new shirts (if you know me then you know I absolutely hate clothes shopping and seldom buy new clothes unless my old clothes are falling to pieces- and I am no fashion maven by any stretch of the imagination! So, buying 5 new shirts at one time may cause my family and friends to faint!) Anyway, when I got home there were two big heavy boxes and one small light box on the front steps- Yahoo! I had to restock my books as I have been handing them out left and right...and must now stop being so ridiculously generous as my income is woefully tiny compared to how much I have invested in my book projects. I still have the first two Christmas volumes coming to stock up for the fall and winter. In reorganizing the book boxes I freed Revere's scratching board from under the first box- so he was a happy kitty after two months of not having his stress reliever available to him.

I went for a walk with Kelly tonight and we had an animated discussion about the third Christmas volume that is okay but doesn't quite measure up to volumes 1 & 2.

Revere had a chance to sit on my lap and play the part of a lap cat before dinner. It was nice. And I'd bought two new bath towels to replace our oldest two towels, so Riley-Beans was ecstatic because his favorite place to catch a cat nap is in the linen closet. he was rubbing his cheeks all along the folded edges of the new towel. Cats are very observant- he knew they were new (or at least not the old ones he's used to curling up against when in the closet. he was quite pleased this evening.

It is 9:35PM and still 77 degrees outside. I just had to nudge the central air upward as it was getting too warm in here at 75 degrees. I'm comfortable at 73.

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