Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Cleaning Out

Kelly and I tackled a mountain of binders containing stories and novels before dinner tonight. As the stories are being included or self published as self standing novels, I am tossing the printed copies. I have all files saved on the computer and on various flash drives around the house, so I don't need the printed copies off the printer, since I can now open a book and read the story. I like this a lot better, and my dining room is starting to look less chaotic!

It's hard for me to let go of print copies because they have my handwritten notes and corrections on them.  But, I don't want to turn into a hoarder and keep everything.

At button club this morning, I took a copy of Love Me Knots, a copy of Miss Peculiar's Haunting Tales, Volume 1 and a copy of Yuletide Stories to show the ladies what I've been up to all summer while NOT working on buttons! Judy wanted Miss Peculiar's Haunting Tales before I even had it on the table! Julie and Jan wanted Love Me Knots. Julie took it home, Jan followed me home to buy a copy here.  Yuletide Stories, I put that into the club auction, and Judy won it and had it signed, so she took home two of my books today.  Auction proceeds go into the club treasury so it was worth it since I haven't had any buttons to put into the auction lately.

I updated the book flyer and order sheet to reflect all the new additions. I was kind of stunned to realize I've self-published 13 books in 3.5 months! I guess when I do something, I do it in a big way!
Must be my Italian heritage- my mother, when she cooked, cooked for an army when there was only 5 of us! I vividly remember the day we all sat around the dining room table peeling a bushel or more of apples while she rolled out pie crust dough and proceeded to make 27 apple pies! Now, my mother didn't even like pie, but someone had given us the apples and she felt compelled to do something with them. Thank God she had recently purchased an upright freezer the size of a refrigerator for half a cow she bought at the Pure Food Market! There was still enough room in the freezer to stack all the cooled pies- we had apple pie for quite awhile after that pie making and baking marathon! They were delicious though!

My family is a little OCD about stuff too. If I say I like camels, or I like the Eiffel Tower- I will soon have a gajillion camels and bazillion Eiffel Towers. Thank God the spam John with pink flamingos phase is winding down after 30 years!

Anyway- I sold a few books today and cleaned up some more of the dining room, plus did some housework, banking, laundry and various other things that needed doing. I even had time to sit and cuddle the cat who was traumatized yesterday by some sort of issue with a telephone pole knocking out the power which, for some reason, activated all four hard wired smoke detectors in the house during the afternoon when no one was home. John came home to find the detectors blaring, the carbon monoxide warning voice chattering away, the cat frantic to get the heck outside and away from all the noise...Might have been a power surge with whatever happened. One detector had to be replaced. All was quite today, and Irene Drive was open today with a new pole up on the corner of Linda.

Kelly just advised me that it's 80 degrees at 7:30PM.  The heat has been unbearable here this week. It's supposed to break and be cooler tomorrow- one can only hope! This is like August weather in September! we desperately need rain- the grass is brown and crispy. The trees are shedding leaves.

And now it's time to move onto something constructive...

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