Saturday, September 19, 2015

Haunting Tale #2 Completed

Well, we hit the road and head home from Maine tomorrow morning. Today we went to the Corningware Outlet store in Kittery and bought new dishes for the first time in 31 years- yea! New pots and pans and new dishes all in one week!

Then, we came back to the condo and basically spent the day in because I wanted a day to write without distractions. It is distracting with the TV running all day in the same room, but I managed to stay focused and got a nearly 9000 word story done for the next volume of haunting tales. That makes two stories written this week.

This story, We're Friends, Right? takes place mostly in a college senior apartment setting. Four female friends and suite mates invite four male suite mates that they have been acquainted with and friends with since freshman orientation to their suite for dinner as the end of their senior year approaches. There have been three unsolved murders on campus since the fall. Girls with long hair are being murdered and their hair cut off. No one has any idea who is responsible for the murders. Before the next few days have passed, one of the four girls will be murdered and one will be severely traumatized before there is another shocking death and a solution to the mystery of who the killer is.

This is more a suspense, psychological terror story. There are no supernatural elements involved.

I feel that I did get something accomplished this week even though the two stories combined only come in at about 12,000 words. 68,000 words to go before book 4 of Miss Peculiar's Haunting Tales takes shape.

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